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High-fidelity show 2014  

 Saint Maximin's stone columns equipped of 21SM8

Lith Audio's création built in collaboration with

Philippe Berthelot et  Dominique Mafrand

      Listening only by appointment

             including the weekend


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  Designer of the auditorium enclosures

System designed by Philippe Montavon

Virtu speaker by DaVinci Audio Lab

Michel Fertin is the founder of the company. He started his business in 1966 and designed many outstanding products for their quality and musicality. In 2001, he retired and the company was bought.Thecompany experienced varying degrees of fortune before being taken over by Sonia Seiler.

Although new to the industry, Sonia is passionate and surround herself  with a team of professional and dynamic people.

In 2011, she returned to connect with Michel Fertin. With this support, she manages to involve her partner, Marc Amiard. Together, they rebuilt a network of expertise and create the brand FERTIN ACOUSTICS .

Dominique Mafrand of Madotec, is one of the first to provide assistance. It will be followed by David Saingery.

Customers and passionate professionals participate directly or indirectly in the adventure, as Jolanda and the late Peter Brem of DaVinci Audio Labs, whose speaker Virtu is equipped with special drivers designed for the brand. Also the Canadian Gilles Gagné and Swiss Philippe Montavon, who pushed far optimization equipment.

Also in 2013, their efforts are realized with the design of model 8, which is a significant advance in the technology of their speakers and place them among the best and prestigious market’s products.

In November, 2014 we were invited in the High-fidelity show by Dominique Mafrand and David Wong de Ming Da. Numerous visitors were able to discover it and to appreciate  the Model 8 sound.

Ferrite engines of a quite new range called WLA worked out in year 2015.

Loudspeakers WLA are equipped with classic surround suspension.