The design of the speakers has slightly changed since its inception. It is a compromise between the expectation of a high fidelity musical message and the constraints of each of the physical elements that make up this architecture.

In the early 60s, English Ted Jordan, an engineer at Goodmans, created a new concept of loudspeaker design replacing the peripheral membrane’s suspension and the spider by a clever system of articulated Bakelite arms. The system allowed the speaker named Axiom 80 to cover a wide frequency range with a surprising level of quality. As every coin has two sides, the power handling was weak, which is why this avenue has not been really pursued.

In the late 2000s , Jean Marie Semblat began to develop his own wireline suspension system, then opted for eccentric carbon rods associated with a carbon spider. The technology has led to the launch of Model 7 series of drivers, with similar benefits to the Axiom 80 but comparable disadvantages too.

In the early 2010s, Sonia Seiler and Marc Amiard created Fertin Acoustics and have undertaken improvement of that interesting technology. The development of a surround system using short carbon rods guided along centerline axis coupled to an ultra light paper cone has led to Model 8 proprietary technology. The mechanical flexibility of the balls-and-silentbloc guide device avoids any deformation of the cone.

The measurements on IEC baffle and Clio system has immediately highlighted the progress realized with the Model 8 principle compared to Model 7. They reveal an enhancement of the characteristics of the cone and the improvement of acceleration factor by 70%. When listening, the spontaneity is superior, the frequency response becomes more linear and the transparency is very appreciably improved. Model 8 is more reliable at high listening level. The use of a low power tube amplifier allows a listening without any correction. The new Model 8 now allows bold marriages with many types of amplifiers for a realistic listening level, even when playing big orchestral tracks and percussion instruments.

The reliability of the device is being tested with the application of stress in tropicalised conditions, in order to match an equivalent of three years of average use based on 4 listening hours per day.

All speakers are manufactured and assembled in the workshop of Paulhe following a traditional process, making each piece a calibrated, matched and customized one which is State of the Art. Picture on the left shows the accuracy of the work in making electromagnetic coil. A copper wire with large crystalline purity is used.

It’s why we’re able to offer a 20 years warranty!

Even what is not seen is important.

The Fertin Acoustics philosophy is focusing on constant improvement of products, so characteristics may vary. Respect of the customer is our main concern, and we always investigate the possibility to improve older models.

This is why any model 7 can be upgraded to model 8.

Birth of the WLA range endowed with rubber surround cone. The WLA magnetic assembly was worked out to reduce the magnetic leaks. All these magnetic flow researches succeed to very high quality drivers. WLA loudspeakers are extremely musical.

The ancestor: Axiom 80 by Ted Jordan

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Original 21 model 7

Guide piece of 21 model 8

Electromagnetic motor winding

30EXM8CL bass driver

Electromagnetic drive, creation

New WLA range