21M8 Speaker

This full range driver is available with  

Ferrite magnet i.e. 21S M8,

 Field coil i.e. 21EX M8,

21 cm / 8 inch wide bandwidth model

Two  ring frames available:

- Thin  25mm CF (photo to come)

- Large 40mm CL

- Cone made of cellulose fiber, very light i.e.    mms = 9.3 g, exponantial profile

- Short inner "flower" cone and center phase   plug, no surround

- Suspension system made of three short     - carbon rods put mechanically in tension

- Cast aluminium basket

- Textile spider

On request:

- silver voice coil

- membrane metallisation

  (silver, gold, palladium) with grounding post

- bronze basket



   30M8  Speaker     

This bass driver is available with

  Ferrite magnet i.e. 30SM8,

 Field coil i.e.30EX M8,

30 cm / 12 inch model dedicated to the bass frequencies

Two ring frames avaible:

-  Thin  25mm CF (photo to come)

-  Large 45mm CL

- Cellulose fiber with curvilinear profile, very     light i.e. mms = 56 g, no surround

- Suspensions system made of three carbon    rods put mechanically in tension

-  Cast aluminium basket

-  Textile spider

On request:

-  membrane métallisation

  (silver, gold, palladium) with grounding post

-  bronze basket